Soda Syrup Subscription

$16.50 / month

Subscribers get a bottle of our syrup delivered every month. We will send the latest experimental and limited flavours if we have something new, otherwise a seasonal pick from our regular range. Subscribing is the best way to make sure you get a bottle of the experimental and limited flavours – we always some crazy flavours in the works. As well as first-access to our latest releases, you’ll also save a bit of coin, as our limited and collab flavours are usually a little more spensy.


  • Orders will be sent out the next working day after you subscribe (we may wait a few days if there is something exciting coming up).
  • You will receive a different bottle of syrup every month after that on your subscription date and be charged on that date also.
  • Cancel or pause subscriptions or update details easily through your account ‘My Subscriptions’ table.
  • Email questions, photos, drink ideas, praise and chats to:
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