Grapefruit & Hops Soda Syrup


Our Grapefruit & Hops is an original flavour that we release for a few months when the days get longer and warmer.

We use fresh grapefruit juice for a tart citrus flavour and world-famous Nelson Sauvin hops for a bitterness and aroma. This year we’ve bumped up the hops for a lingering bitter flavour, we think you’ll really like it.

A perfect grown-up soda for summer drinks and cocktails.

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Grapefruit Daiquiri

Pretty pic of our grapefruit daiquiri

We’re celebrating the return of our Limited Edition Grapefruit & Hops syrup with this fresh Grapefruit Daiquiri.
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  • Grapefruit Hops Syrup 30mL
  • Rum 40mL
  • Lime juice fresh 10ml
  • Soda water (from your Aarke machine or at-home sparkling water maker, or bottled), or sparkling wine, to top up
  • Squeeze of fresh grapefruit (optional)
  • Grapefruit and/or dried hops garnish (optional)

In a mixing glass, add our Grapefruit Hops syrup and Rum, then top up with either soda water (from your Aarke machine or at-home sparkling water maker, or bottled) or sparkling wine (your choice!). Add ice and shake very well. Garnish with fresh grapefruit slices and dried hops (optional). Enjoy!

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