Pav Royale

Pav Royale drink looking pretty

Bring a fun twist on your usual Christmas drinks menu with this simple and delicious ‘Pav Royale’ recipe, using our special Christmas release for 2018 – Pavlova soda syrup.


Pavlova Syrup 35mL
Prosecco or NZ sparkling wine
Soda water (from your Aarke machine or at-home sparkling water maker, or bottled)
Vodka (optional)

In tall glass over ice, or in a champagne flute, add the Pavlova syrup – don’t forget to use your included measure glass.

Add in sparkling wine and soda water to top-up (ratios are up to you!). You could add a shot of vodka to booze it up a bit, if that’s your Christmas Day vibe 😉

Mix everything well (candy cane optional!), then you’re ready to garnish the glass.

Our Pavlova Syrup Gift-Box comes with a special garnish kit to help make your drinks a little bit fancy (cos it’s Christmas, after all). Use your meringue kisses (don’t be scared to crush them up too), freeze-dried strawberries and classic kiwifruit lollies to adorn your glass – get creative and festive!

Don’t forget to share your drinks pics on Instagram and tag us (@sixbarrelsodaco). We’d love to see what you come up with! Happy Christmas!

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